Wholesales Cell Phone Blocker Mini Stops Mobile Signals Yoiaohkaoa for hidden.

  • Wholesales Cell Phone Blocker Mini Stops Mobile Signals Yoiaohkaoa for hidden

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Product Description

Cell Phone Blocker Mini Model TSJ-Blocker-Mini

T his high quality signal jamming blocker will fit in the palm of your hand, or comfortably in your pocket. Our best seller has no external antennas to break, is loaded with great features, and is smaller than the typical cell phone. Best Seller image

The Signal Jammer brand only offers the best quality phone jammer merchandise for sale that we stand behind; don't settle for cheap imitations of this product.

Slip this into your purse or pocket and enjoy a quiet commute or theater experience.  Discreetly create a quiet zone around yourself and enjoy your meal, movie, or performance. Purchase your phone blocker today and enjoy and enjoy renewed privacy and peace and quiet.

Cell Phone Blocker Mini Features

  • Effective for GSM / CDMA / DCS / PHS / 3G up to 10 meters (30 feet)
  • Up to 2 hours continuous use on full charge
  • Standard Nokia type battery (included)
  • Standard Nokia type chargers
  • Outlet charger (included)
  • Car charger (included)
  • North American / European specific models (model shipped based on destination country)
  • Highly portable and concealable
  • Light is red while charging, green when in use
  • Automatic shut down to avoid overcharging

One of the most fully featured and highly portable blockers available anywhere.


  • Initial charge needs to be 12 hours.
  • This unit does not block 4G


The Signal Jammer Service

  • FREE Shipping
  • Rock Bottom Pricing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • PCI Certified SAFE and Secure Checkout
  • Full HTTPS on Our Entire Website for Your Protection

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